2nd Nine Weeks

4th Grade Science Expectations

  • SC-04-2.3.1 Students will classify earth materials by the ways that they are used and explain how their properties make them useful for different purposes.
  • SC-04-2.3.2 Students will describe and explain consequences of changes to the surface of the Earth, including some common fast changes (e.g., landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes), and some common slow changes (e.g, erosion, weathering).
  • SC-04-2.3.3 Students will make generalizations and/or predictions about weather changes from day to day and over seasons based on weather data.
  • SC-04-2.3.4 Students will identify patterns, recognize relationships and draw conclusions about the Earth-Sun system by interpreting a variety of representations/models (e.g, diagrams, sundials, distance of sun above horizon) of the sun’s apparent movement in the sky.
  • SC-04-3.5.1 Students will use representations of fossils to draw conclusions about the nature of the organisms and the basic environments that existed at the time and make inferences about the relationships to organisms that are alive today.